Water and Effluent Treatment

Greaves mixers perform a key role in high volume applications inherent in the pre-treatment of drinking water and treatment of waste water/effluent ready for discharge back into the environment.

Greaves design and manufacture units to continuously process up to 1,000,000 litres /hour. A key design parameter  is high reliability with low maintenance as these mixers will be in service day at full capacity in all weathers, day in, day out for long periods of time.

Water treatment industries choose a range of techniques to process drinking water. Several treatments may be applied to remove contaminants in a series of dosing and cleansing methods. Usually flocculation, filtration, disinfection and sedimentation are required to treat raw water prior to transportation to consumers. Greaves mixers and agitators offer important roles in this processing whether dosing or solid suspension techniques are needed. Whether up thrust or down thrust applications are needed a variety of reliable, durable machines quickly assist the water industry with efficient operating drives with optimum performance impeller types. Greaves control systems ensure accurate and consistent control of mix times and flow rates for assurance of quality and optimum productivity.

Treatment of sewage and effluent is essential to ensure the ultimate receiving watercourse does not become polluted with chemical and biological components which fall outside statutory limits. However, the degree of treatment required will vary according to the volume and composition limits of the raw effluent and conditions at the point of discharge. Greaves experts work closely with clients to design a solution which meets the current and anticipated needs of each specific application.

Sewage treatment typically involves:

  • The removal of solids by physical screening or sedimentation
  • The removal of soluble and fine suspended organic pollutants by biological oxidation and adsorption processes.

Both forms of treatment produce sludge by-products and these have to be treated and used or disposed of in an economical and environmentally acceptable way.

Greaves mixers are designed with high quality materials which are resistant to the chemicals used in agglomeration, coagulation, flocculation and suspension. Equally important, the dispersion and blending in the effluent must be complete and consistent to provide the final results before discharge.