Working Together

Each time we work with a customer, Greaves Process Consultants start with a thorough review of the context of your requirements and objectives.

This process can include questions that may not immediately appear relevant, but help us suggest the most appropriate solutions….

  • Why is this product/process critical? – Is it growing/stable/in decline
  • What part does the process play in achieving your business objectives?
  • What are your current issues (e.g. capacity, batch size, cycle time,  quality, operator skills, safety…)
  • What methods/equipment are you currently using or have previously been used?
  • Operator comments and opinions
  • What other products and processes may be introduced in the future?

Once a potential solution has been identified, the next step is to support our proposals with evidence of suitability using one or more of the following:-

  • Greaves laboratory trials
  • Pilot trials on your site or at Greaves site
  • Adaptations to your existing equipment
  • Bulk trials using hire equipment

Throughout the journey, our objective is to work with you collaboratively to find the right solution and help you make sound investment decisions that provide excellent ROI with minimum risk.