Portable Multi-Vessel Cleaning System

Process time is a key performance indicator (KPI) in most plants. Longer processes increase output cost and reduce production volumes.

‘End Cleaning Time’ is a necessary process time factor but shortening the cleaning cycle must be balanced against the quality of residue removal within the vessel. Process vessels must be properly clean to ensure that the quality (often measured and validated) of subsequent production is maintained.

Many processes involve manual labour intensive cleaning either by hand or with a pressure lance. Not only does this tie up human resource but usually delivers only an average and inconsistent result.

The key issue is restricted access inside the vessel – using a pressure lance misses the vessel top internals (at least) and due to the safety interlock of mechanicals (i.e. the mixing elements are fixed in position as a safety feature) during cleaning may leave up to 40% of process residue behind. This residue can build up in the vessel over time causing next batch contamination, bacteria and shaft seal failures (due to solid caking or damaging adhesion and blockages etc…)

Often, focus is placed at the front-end of a process yet significant advantage can be gained during the back-end tasks with valuable benefits to the next cycle. PortaCIP offers real reductions in completed process time which directly delivers bottom line process cost reductions and improved next batch quality with “JUST-IN-TIME” product flexibility for your customers.

PortaCIP Options:

  • Manway hatch attached CIP systems – using Sprayballs or Muti-jet lid to fit to existing vessel or vessels (multi-hatch)
  • Tri-clamp fitted cleaning heads – allowing for periodic removal and inspection
  • Variable PortaCIP tank volume sizes with single and twin reservoirs
  • ATEX variants
  • Timer shutdown with audible and flashing beacon alert (SMS text option, too)
  • 316L or 304 Stainless steel contact parts
  • Various spray ball and multi-jet residue appliers
  • Quick release hose fittings allows easy use of the PortaCIP unit across multiple vessels

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