Surface Roughness Testing

Hygienic Finishes

At Greaves, we understand the importance of hygiene and cleaning processes to ensure product purity.

Good Hygiene starts with our consistent approach to design:

  • Selection of durable, easy to clean materials
  • Elimination of traps and “hang-ups” in product contact zones
  • Use of “No leak” mixer shaft seals
  • Incorporation of an efficient cleaning system
  • High polish finish on product contact surfaces*

*Surface roughness value (Ra) plays a key role in achieving high-hygiene standards.

ViscoShear Pharmaceutical Batch Mixer

Greaves has its own in-house metal finishing department with calibrated testing systems and certification.

Surface roughness is influenced by a range of factors and processes including passivisation, pickling and electro-plating, Greaves can offer mirror finishes to 0.01 Ra µm.

Surface Roughness Analysis