Reactors & Vessels

Greaves Vessels manufacture tanks and process vessels for a wide range of uses. Vessels are designed to meet each client’s specific requirements.

Pressure vessels with temperature control jacketing allow optimum process conditions to be maintained whilst processing materials safely and hygienically.

This method also enables rapid chilling of food and liquids such as dairy produce and fruit juices to 18C or lower.

Cryogenic cooling can enable processing of temperature sensitive products which would degrade in regular conditions.

Conversely , jacketed Autoclaves can be used to achieve temperatures as high to 300oC to reduce the viscosity of certain materials, lubricants, resins and waxes to ease processing.

Higher temperature processing of chocolate, syrups, sauces and pharmaceuticals can be necessary not only to reduce viscosities but importantly to ensure product hygiene.

Vessel sizes vary from 200-2000 litre mobile tanks to 100,000 litre storage vessels with multi-vessel arrangements offering the elimination of factory downtime during filling, processing and cleaning cycles.

Specifications may also include agitation, vacuum and highly polished surfaces to meet pharmaceutical standards.

Vessel top and base shapes are designed to facilitate processing, dispensing and cleaning cycles of specific processes.

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