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Innovative clean-in-place solutions
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Rapid, effective vessel cleaning

Greaves’ CIP (Clean–in–place) solutions are used by a growing number of manufacturers across industries.

CIP improves the equipment cleaning process to reduce lost productive time and ensure consistently high quality and hygiene standards.

CIP technology also increases safety by reducing operator intervention. The degree of automation can be engineered to meet client needs by use of fully programmable automated cycles.

Environmental impact can be dramatically reduced by recovery and reuse of cleaning/sterilising fluids.

Novel portable CIP solution


Greaves PortaCIP is a versatile cost-effective solution for in-place cleaning of multiple vessels.

Portable CIP


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Key benefits:

  • Significant quality, production and hygiene benefits
  • Reduced health and safety risks
  • Reduced manual intervention
  • Minimise consumption of cleaning chemicals
  • Minimise machine maintenance downtime


  • Multiple vessel cleaning capability
  • Remote operation
  • Cleansing solution recycling pre-mixing and storage
  • Semi or fully automatic cycles
  • Multi-directional ‘planetary’ nozzle arrays

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