Trial, Demo or Hire before you buy. Ensure the best Greaves Mixer for your needs

With any investment in mixers, it is vital that you get the best and most cost-effective mixing system for your needs.

Greaves have comprehensive specification and performance documentation available but we recognise that nothing beats a real-world test with your own products.

We have a wide and expanding selection of mixers from across our range which are available for trial or demo*. If you are looking for a longer term test, or have mixing needs where you don’t want to tie-up capital, we can also hire* our mixers to you.

IBC 750 R35
IBC Mixers are available for Trial, Demo and Hire

The following units are now available:

  • IBC mixers
  • Laboratory Mixers inc. high shear & dispersers
  • Vacuum Mixers
  • Thermal Vacuum Dispersers
  • 45 Gallon drum (205L) Archimedes Ribbon Blender (Viscous products)
  • High Shear Mixers
  • In-line High Shear Mixers
  • High Speed Dispersers
  • Triple Action Thermal Vacuum Reactor

To find out more, visit our Trials and Hire page

*Subject to Terms and Conditions