Temperature controlled vessels
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Precise temperature control
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Jacketed vessels for consistent results

Mixing and storage systems with integrated heating/cooling are now used universally in the manufacture of food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, health & beauty products and speciality chemicals.

Precise temperature control is essential to guarantee consistent product quality and stability, ensure hygiene and aid processing and discharge of viscous products.

Greaves engineers work closely with our customers technical team to understand their process challenges and design the most appropriate heating/cooling and control system. Key considerations include:

  • Heat sensitivity of products
  • Exothermic and endothermic processes
  • Process temperature range and tolerance
  • Integration with existing processes and control systems
  • Hygiene and biosecurity

The resulting design will address the following:

  • External jackets or internal coil for heating and cooling
  • Whole tank heating or zonal heating
  • Insulation and cladding
  • Thermal fatigue and pressure cycling
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) code and certification
  • Effective heat transfer
  • Heating media


  • Temperature -500C to +3000C
  • Capacities 2 litres to 100,000 litres
  • Internal vacuum/pressure processing
  • Blending, high shear and equalisation mixers
  • Limpet coil and spiral baffle jackets
  • Steam or oil heating medium
  • Insulation and cladding
  • Hygiene control and hygienic finishes


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