Systematic Growth

In most business sectors, not least in manufacturing, there are companies both large and small. Often they meet different market needs from bespoke & niche brands to mass-market volume products.

Consequently, Greaves Mixers develop batch-mixing equipment to match the production requirements across this spectrum of needs.

Here are just 2 diverse examples from the alcoholic beverage sector, demonstrating how Greaves mixers can deliver practical, cost-effective solutions whatever your mixing needs.

Although the 2 examples are completely different in the needs presented by the customer, they have one key element in common – the solution delivered by Greaves is exactly what that customer needs!

As a result, they demonstrate how Greaves bring together the mix of product, application experience & collaboration to deliver the mixing solution that exactly meets the customer’s needs

1. Smart Batch Gin Mixing (Flavour blending):

The Greaves FDM-2 UCON IBC Batch Mixer allows controlled, accurate mixing directly in your IBC. ATEX certification assures safety in hazardous environments and with potentially flammable products.

Key features:

Greaves FDM-2 UCON IBC Batch Mixer
  1. Rapid mixing of 800L to 1000L batches  – minimising production cycle time
  2. Stainless steel transportable IBCs  – allow seamless movement of product both onsite and outside
  3. ATEX certified for flammable liquids – safe processing of volatile alcohols
  4. Safety interlocking & earthing – practical, built-in safety
  5. Up to 6000L per hour – rapid batch change maximises mixer utilisation
  6. High Hygiene – rapid clean-down between product changes
  7. Easy operation – minimal operator training

2. Irish Cream Liqueur (Immiscible liquids):

The Greaves GM-15 (20) High-Shear mixer facilitates flexible high volume production while ATEX certification delivers high levels of safety

Key Features:

Greaves GM-15 (20)
  1. Fixed batch mixer – designed for high volume production
  2. 2000L to 10000L – flexible batch sizes to match demand
  3. High shear mixer – thorough mixing of immiscible components
  4. ATEX certified for flammable liquids – safety built-in
  5. Up to 20000L per hour – efficient processing
  6. High Hygiene – rapid clean-down between batches
  7. Easy operation – minimal operator training

Although they are at opposite ends of the production-mixer spectrum, these 2 examples of the types of equipment designed and built by Greaves to meet individual customer requirements demonstrate that at the heart of the Greaves approach is:

Driving mixing efficiency – whatever your requirements