High Volume Storage & Blending Tanks
High Volume Storage & Blending Tanks 3

High Volume Storage Vessels & Blending Tanks

Storage tanks play a key role in material supply and product holding. In many instances the temperature, pressure and equalisation of the substances contained within these vessels is crucial for material durability, hygiene, safety and quality. Agitators are often applied to assist these processes. Bulk storage tanks are adopted in a range of industries that require safe storage solutions for large volumes of raw materials, intermediaries and finished products.

Configured to your requirements:

  • Capacities 500-100,000 litres
  • Heating and cooling systems with insulation and cladding
  • Mass/volumetric weighing systems
  • Double skins for high risk products
  • Full range of lids and bases; conical, dished, flat, sloping, torispherical
  • Full range of agitation machines for blending, maintaining suspension and equalisation
  • Hygienic finishes

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