Smart Batch Mixing – Examples & variants

Here are just a few examples of Smart Batch Mixing solutions developed and delivered by Greaves Mixers:

Cosmetic Lotions & Creams

Typical installation:

  • 2-3 mixing stations for pre-mix e.g. Carbopol
  • Final product with 4 mobile vessels per mixer

Pre-mix offers product flexibility while mobile vessels offer volume flexibility

Carbopol dispersion, 35,000cps
1000L high-shear mixer – cosmetics sector

Food Processing

Typical installation for sauces, marinades etc.

  • Pre-mixes – Dedicated mixer with 3-4 vessels per mixer
  • Final products – Dedicated mixer with 3-4 vessels per mixer

Pre-mix offers product flexibility while mobile vessels offer volume flexibility

Mobile Mixer – Food Processing
Food Product Vessel


Typically many recipes, smaller volumes, rapid change

Typical Installation:

  • 8 vessels per mixing station
  • Industrial dishwasher

Multiple vessels allow high product and volume flexibility while dishwasher delivers rapid clean down

Mixer for Fragrances
Mixer with mobile vessel

Vaping liquids (E-Cigarette)

A relatively new sector – actually similar to fragrances.

Typical Installation:

  • 5 to 8 multi-size vessels for popular flavours
  • Volume flexibility for specialist/seasonal flavours

Low-medium volume flexibility with rapid product switch are key in the e-cigarette/vaping sector

25L E-cig liquid batch mixer
Vaping liquid batch mixer. Mobile & flexible

 High spec marine adhesives

Typical Installation

  • Mobile vessels with heating jacket
  • Vacuum facility for de-gassing

Ability to deliver specialist materials at key location around a large shipyard

High Viscosity Adhesive, requiring full vacuum de-gassing mixer
Dual action disperser with full vacuum

High performance coatings

  • Up to 8 vessels – range of sizes
  • Mobile vessels with cooling jackets
  • Full ATEX spec for solvent-based chemistry

High-spec flexibility with rapid process time

Children’s fun paint, 1000L HSD at 12,000cps
Mobile Vessel with cooling
High-Shear coatings mixer


  • Smaller batch sizes
  • Detailed URS
  • cGMP & EHEDG specification
  • Sanitary design

High-spec equipment for demanding applications

Pharmaceutical batch mixer
Specialist pharma mixer