Smart Batch Mixing – at the heart of manufacturing

There is no doubt that the United Kingdom is home to some of the best entrepreneurial manufacturers in the world. While it can be difficult to compete with high volume, low wage economies,  the strength of the UK manufacturing sector is the ability to innovate and embrace new ideas.

Greaves Mixers are privileged to work with many of these brilliant product innovators across many sectors and products, including:

  • Aerospace composites: New resin systems
  • Niche Lubricants: High-performance, low-resistance
  • Speciality adhesives
  • Speciality coatings
  • New materials – graphene
  • Specialty cosmetics
  • Pharma and  healthcare
  • Veterinary pharmaceuticals
  • Speciality construction products
  • Defence systems
  • Consumer products – new fragrances & flavours
  • Vaping liquids

Although these examples may appear diverse, they actually have surprisingly common profiles:

  • High value per litre of product
  • Small batch sizes
  • Large number of recipe variants
  • Need for batch traceability
  • Need for rapid, efficient mixer changeover between product batches
  • Need for product quality and consistency
  • High productivity through short cycle times
  • Rapid cleaning with low residual product wastage
  • Scalability and flexibility to meet rising or fluctuating demand

In summary, they need Smart Batch Mixing to operate efficiently.

With our wealth of mixing expertise coupled with real-world mixer design and manufacturing experience, Greaves is ideally placed to deliver Smart Batch Mixing to meet these needs.