Greaves’ Services

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Alongside our wide experience of industrial mixers and mixing, our focus is to work with customers to help them achieve true efficiency in their individual mixing requirements. Whether this is batch process speed, mixing flexibility, scalability or a balance to achieve the best of all worlds, Greaves delivers.

Spare Parts

Ready availability of the correct spare parts is a factor that can be overlooked but is always critical to ensuring continuity of production.

Greaves OEM parts are designed to deliver optimum performance, durability and suitability for your process. To maximise performance only OEM replacement parts should be used. Certificates can be requested at point of order for special items, e.g. food grade seals.

Greaves provides a recommended critical spares list in the hand over pack with all equipment.

We typically hold stock of 20,000+ parts at any time but cannot guarantee to offer same week availability of every customer’s critical items. We therefore recommend each customer holds stock onsite of spare parts for their equipment.

Our sales team will be pleased to discuss your requirements and propose a package to meet your needs.

Mixer Safety and Maintenance

Greaves mixers are designed with safety and reliability as a primary requirement. The best way of ensuring optimum performance post installation is regular scheduled service.

Greaves MixCare is a structured support programme to give customers confidence in the ongoing safety and efficiency of their mixing equipment.

Our sales team will be pleased to discuss your site-specific requirements and propose a package that meet your needs.

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Mixing Research and Development

Every mixing process has scope for improvement to meet the manufacturers commercial objectives.

Customers engage with Greaves for help in:-

  • Developing mixing processes for new product
  • Producing existing products in smaller or larger volumes
  • Improving product consistency and/or shelf life
  • Increased confidence in hygiene / bio safety
  • Reducing cycle time for cost/capacity benefits
  • Reducing product and process waste
  • Increasing operator safety of existing processes

Greaves technicians can work with customers to investigate existing processes and conduct tests through: –

  • Laboratory scale tests
  • Pilot scale production
  • Full scale testing at customers site using Greaves lease/hire equipment

Greaves has an extensive suite of mixing equipment available for lease or hire if customers wish to conduct extended trials on site.

Mixer Installation and Commissioning

Many customers now seek a full OEM package including installation and commissioning, often accompanied by on-site training of production personnel. This provides the peace of mind that goes with an end-to-end solution.

Our sales team will be pleased to discuss your requirements and propose a package to meet your needs.

Mixer Upgrades and Retrofits

After several years service customers may find their mixing equipment is no longer fully suitable for current needs or the latest regulations.Influencing factors could be :-

  • New safety regulations
  • Hygiene regulations
  • Reduce operator input and operator risks
  • New product / precursor properties
  • Noise, vibration, temperature control
  • Hazardous area requirements – ATEX/COMAH regulations
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Increase operational effectiveness (OEE)
  • Reduce waste

Upgrades can include:-

  • Safety improvements to existing mixers
  • Latest shaft sealing technology and systems
  • DSEAR assessment and modifications to achieve ATEX certification
  • Modified/additional mixing tools and impellers
  • Re-tolerance existing mixing equipment
  • Mixer and vessel surface assessment, refurbishment and certification
  • Process automation and material handling systems
  • Mixer performance and productivity improvements

Our sales team will be pleased to discuss your requirements and propose a solution to meet your needs.