Safe and Reliable?

Safe, Reliable & Compliant?Backup_200205_ViewPoint2038709_Blast-factory

  1. When was your machinery last safety tested?
  2. Who is responsible?
  3. What’s the real cost of incident or breakdown?
  4. Is the machinery ATEX & safety compliant?
  5. What happens in the event of failure?
  6. What could be done better?

These have always been important questions, but never more so than in todays highly regulated industrial environment

HSE Compliance demands regular machinery inspection and maintenanceCondition Based Maintenance

  • In the latest year, the HSE prosecuted 988 offences, resulting in 881 convictions, a rate of 89%
  • Prosecutions led to fines totalling £16.7 million, an average penalty of £18,944 per offence

Visit the HSE website for full details on Regulation 5 and Regulation 6

Greaves can help you manage your HSE machinery compliance

Greaves mixers and vessels are designed and manufactured to the highest levels of safety to ensure compliance with current and upcoming legislation. However, we find customers have an ever-increasing need for support in ensuring existing equipment is operating to current regulations.

In response to customer requests, we have introduced Greaves MixCareTM:

  • IMG_5247Each Greaves installation receives a 12 point service by a qualified engineer
  • Replacement parts are fitted if required
  • Current process conditions are audited and checked as “fit for purpose”
  • Safety records are audited
  • Stock level of spares is reviewed
  • Inspection certificate is issued with a summary of Recommendations
  • Date set for the next MixCareTM visit 

Benefits of the Greaves MixCareTM service :

  • Confidence that equipment is operating safely and efficiently
  • Confidence that equipment complies with current regulations
  • Reduced risk of downtime due to breakdown
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements

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Greaves – Demand & Preparation for MixCareTM roll-out

We are preparing for an increase in this proactive approach but need to understand the demand. In order for us to provide the required number of engineers & vehicle fleet we kindly ask to click below on a simple Yes or No to register your interest:

Who last checked the compliance of your mixers, spares stock and any safety records?

IMG_5250CLICK HERE: "YES Please" – We would like to find out more about MixCareTM
CLICK HERE: "NO Thanks" – We have all of these considerations fully covered

“Over the past year, we have seen a significant increase in requests by customers wishing to take a proactive approach to safety, reliability and compliance. The days of reactive maintenance and spares or machine safety adaptions appear to be dwindling. Risks for operators or the cost of machine downtime when the inevitable occurs far outweigh the investment in a proactive approach. Greaves’customers prefer the OEM and our knowledge to support safety & reliability with back-up records”

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