4 off 4000L GM-60 H.P. (45kW) High Shear Mixers despatched for digital ink dispersion and production for a leading name in the photographic supplies industry. These machines can continually produce ink in a ‘4 piston engine-like series’. Due to the intensity of the mixers shear, any product temperature rises are controlled by efficiently cooling the contents through vessel  jackets with a water flush. Various inlets in the vessel top charge raw materials accurately into the mixing chamber, whilst the high shear mixer rapidly homogenises and disperses all the particles evenly. Motor power is not the key to a GM-60 Rotor stator mixers thrust, it is the 500mm rotor and head size combined with the shaft speed. To optimise the shear rate Greaves produce pioneering rotor to stator gap tolerances across their high shear range of mixers.  This then offers huge turbulence and shear, without aeration. All contact parts are highly polished to prevent next batch cross-contamination caused by debris traps.