Most high speed dispersers are used in chemical processes such as emulsion paints, pigment dispersion, rubber shear-melt and polymer dispersions. However, this mixing machine was developed for food processing as this client required quick, frequent mixing of alternative additives. Trials followed involving pectin, rapeseed oil and xanthan gum – these are used as ingredients in many sauces and dressings. The mixing performance wass so impressive it eliminated the need of the mobile vessel jacket to be heated; the vessel only needed some insulation under the outer-shell lagging due to the low heat loss over the 5 minute mixtime.

The VHSD-15 is a variable speed, high speed disperser with a ‘pan-change’ electro-hydraulic lift. This particular machine features a lift constructed using stainless steel and polished contact parts (as it is a food grade application). Safety interlocks prevent use unless a mixing vessel is present (detected by its locking arms and pressure switch) interlocks are also located in the mixer lifting pillar. The loading hatch contains a safety grille preventing unwanted materials entering the mixer. The vessel cover can be spun around to allow loading whilst controlling the speed or monitoring the control panel data.

The mixing vessel was a bespoke design as it required a certain floor height clearance to discharge the final mix into a chute, at an angle. Under the outer layer, the vessel insulation efficiently maintains the temperature of the hot water ingredient during mixing, enabling the discharge temperature to stay above the minimum 80 degrees C food safety limits. Internals are polished to ensure complete discharge of product and easy cleaning without bacteria traps.