Aerospace Coatings Mixers

These pilot scale high dispersers speeds are effectSenior BWT Single Picively a scaled-down version of the powerful production ‘pan-change’ type Greaves VHSD disperser mixers.

Clients like this prestigious Aerospace customer often have Validated Processes requiring quality, high value end products and therefore needing to eliminate costly waste or losses. These products need reliable machines with integrated control and safety systems.

The important goals for these mixers were three fold:

1. To deliver a HSE compliant safety system with CE compliance (insurance approval). Solutions included featuring shaft guard, mixing drum guard with switchgear and mixer height limit switches. CE compliance was achieved.

2. To eliminate ‘Operator’ inconsistences to deliver premium quality batches and prevent batch disposal / losses / waste. Solutions include the mixer speed and mixer duration are only adjustable inside the control panel with the ‘Manager Key’. Batch completion is indicated by means of an audible warning and flashing beacon. This allows operators to carry out other tasks whilst the mixing process occurs.

3. The aircraft coating product liquid surface reacts badly to direct positive airflow during mixing by ‘filming or skinning’ and also bonds to static stainless steel. The solutions include airflow from the drive being deflected upwards while the vessel cover, complete with shaft guarding, eliminates positive airflow into the mixing vessel. The rotational mixing tools obviously d0 not suffer material bonding issues so the second solution was the mixing pots being formed using a polypropylene contact parts.