High viscosity mixing and low-shear dispersion of powders into a liquid base often causes agglomerated lumps to form, which a traditional mixer struggles to overcome. Too often customers turn to High Speed Dispersers for the solution but discover a huge sawtooth blade is required (due to the high viscosity) with immense  motor power. The other costly solution often tends to be a dual action mixer or even triple action mixer with mass flow agitators (due to axial turbine / anchor presence).

The unique design of the BT impeller offers positive axial flow for viscosities up to 100,000cps and can be produced with vessel hot jackets for products which require viscosity reduction with heat. The high peripheral speeds ensure lumps or agglomerates and broken and dispersed into the mixture. These rise and fall scraping action of this machine delivers complete mixing throughout the vessel even at viscosities of 250,000cps.