High shear mixers, by their nature, generate heat during the intense homogenisation process and often by the shaft bushings. In some cases, this thermal induction can have an adverse effect on the product quality, stability and shelf-life.

By circulating chilled water around a vessel through a jacket, the contents can be cooled during the high shear mixing process. Seasonal variations in ambient temperatures can also be counteracted using vessel jacketing systems.

These vessels will operate in-conjunction with Greaves High shear mixers for label inks and varnishes to a UK based leading brand. Digital varnishes, primers, adhesives, letterpress prints and metallic inks are just a few of their high quality products.

As many colour choices are available from this producer, the importance of cross-contamination elimination during batch changes means the internals of these vessels must offer good evacuation of products. Polishing reduces the surface roughness and assists the cleaning processes ahead.