Significant reductions in process time, easy installation and improved product quality are commonly reported responses following the addition of an in-line high shear mixer. Simply using the mixing vessel outlet and piping the mixer on a re-circulating basis will homogenise materials rapidly when combined with an axial flow turbine – which will force the materials to the tank outlet.

Intense shear is not only achieved by the high rotational speed – the key are the rotor to stator gap tolerance and stator head selection. Greaves offer industry leading gaps from just 200 micron and with a shaft speed rotation of 3000rpm. Combining these factors with a selection of stator types offers further particle size reduction and therefore provides operators with the ultimate high shear mixer and consistent product quality. A variety of shaft sealing technology is available from pharmaceutical applications to abrasive, thermal processes with vacuum and pressure mixing. These seals can be equipped with wear monitoring switchgear to almost eliminate maintenance checking.