High shear mixers in ATEX form and ‘pan-change’ need a highly technical approach, particularly with Zone 0 vessel conditions (always flammable).  This high shear mixer contains barrier glands, three safety interlocks (operator and heat generation) covering the requirements in ATEX machinery at this level to offer the ‘forms of redundancy’ needed to eliminate operator error. This machine is designed for use in an area with ventilation and extraction and is used for pre-mixes involving volatile solvents used in composite carbon, glass and specialist fibre reinforced pre-pregnated materials.

The GM-5 is the most popular high shear rotor stator mixer Greaves supply. Capable of volumes 200 to 1000L this unit suits rapid pan-change mixtures involving IBC vessels, 45 gallon drums and other cylindrical vessels.

The vessel cover features a loading hatch allowing martial to be added whilst in operation. Mobile versions of the Gm-5 are also available with castor wheels.