High Viscosity Change-Pan Disperser

Evolving with customers latest requirements, The VHSD-10 FV not only offers high viscosity single shaft dispersion but full vacuum for more stabilised end-products and using highly polished pans.

High Speed Dispersers (HSD) draw solid powders down to the shear impeller centrifugally, often causing a positive vortex. These powders or agglomerated lumps are rapidly sheared into their particulate size and evenly dispersed. Most powder particles are surrounded by air as they enter a mixer. The result of these two issues – aeration of product by process and materials. This leads to unstable, inconsistent finished product performances and their reduced shelf life.

Full vacuum removes the air once powders are absorbed into the liquid, using a Greaves Vac-pump, but still whilst mixing and dispersing. This process is very effective, particularly in higher viscosity mixtures where natural de-aeration will not occur, even hours or days later.

Minimal (if any) product residue remains post processing due to the low Ra surface finish inside the mobile mixing vacuum vessel.

The electro-hydraulic lift is fully CE safety compliant with raised and drum strap limit switch gear and sequencing. Timer shutdown frees-up the operators need to record or monitor process time. Other options include temperature sensors to protect over-shearing of the product, slowing the mixer down or offering shutdown, if necessary.