The pharmaceutical industry require the highest standards of hygienic processing equipment available covering cGMP standards and often EHEDG. Materials, polishing and process certification ensure the highest levels of clean processing and equally important clean-down (often automated CIP systems). The requirement for ‘bolt-less’ in-tank construction eliminates failure and bacteria traps (this machine feature one self-tightening bolt in the mixing vessel).

Combined with an twin impeller axial flow turbine this bottom entry unit can process of 10,000L of pharmaceutical grade livestock pesticide product per batch.

This high speed machine runs at 1500rpm and required pharma-grade double mechanical seal to prevent any leakages whilst full vacuum conditions are applied inside the mixing vessel. Full vacuum offers rapid de-aeration and stabilisation of product.

The shear stator is bolt-less and one complete piece – eliminating failure and bacteria traps. The only bolt is located on the rotor and tightens as the machine is run.

A maintenance lifting cradle was also produced for this mixer.