High temperature processing of viscous media or materials is benefited by the use of a Greaves ASH-40 (Anchor Scraper Helical). Heat transfer of material from the vessel walls back into the main mixture body (and disperser) reduces product burning / overheating and any cavitation of the high speed disperser. As the ASH passes, the vessel walls are scraped removing any build-up of product (also useful during final discharge).

The twin bladed High Speed Disperser in these machines ensure high shear in viscous media at full volume 6 tonne processing. The motor delivers 185kW (250hp) at 960rpm forcing these 600mm ‘sawtooth’ blades to disperser, shear and de-agglomerate any materials drawn into their path. The high speed seals featured in this machine also allow full vacuum conditions inside the vessel therefore de-gassing or de-aerating the product whilst mixing.


The full vacuum vessel features a limpet coil heating system. This half-pipe coil is wrapped around the vessel allowing high pressure steam (23 BarG or 333psi) to heat the contents to over 2000C which enables the viscosity to reduce and solid materials melt-out and disperse with the aid of the mixer tools present. A variety of inlets provide bulk charges of raw material into the mixer -controlled by PLC and vessel loadcells, preventing operator error or safety issues.