3 Tonnne Food Blender - High Shear Kettle System

Produced for a leading manufacturer of private label fresh sauces, for high street retailers.

The requirements were rapid cooking and emulsifying of different sauces with effective clean down and elimination of bug-traps.

The two mixing tools compliment one another – the axial turbine draws ingredients down to the path of the homogeniser rotor stator, whilst delivering mass flow and even mixing around the vessel. This mass flow ensures good heat transfer from the vessel steam jacket and the added benefit of flow whilst the high shear mixer is not required (or when emulsification of ingredients is complete).

Steam jackets offer high calorific values compared to oil, water or direct electric heating (trace type), this enables rapidly thermal increases or quick heat-up times. The opposing benefits of steam whilst cooling down are equally as good, too. The only adverse effects of steam are to the machine itself. Due to these rapid increases in temperature and pressure to achieve the high temperature, stress and fatigue will need some consideration and design, particularly when combined with cold ingredients charges or tipping these through the man-way hatch.