High Shear, High Speed dispersion of powders, rubbers or prills into a viscous oil based media often requires a dual or triple action type mixer. An anchor scraper helical can be installed to prevent high temperature burning at the vessel walls, also offering radial flow into the main mixing chamber and prevent material build-up on the vessel walls. Adding a third mixing tool will benefit process time by providing mass-flow and drawing additives from the fluid surface and into the path of the disperser blades.

High temperatures of over 2500C can be applied to the ‘limpet coil’ half jacket coil whilst the vessel internals are pressurised negatively with full vacuum to de-gas or de-aerate the product. Nitrogen blankets are often present in the headspace of the vessel providing an inert atmosphere – useful when handling flammable products.

Shaft seals can be specialist double mechanical seals capable of containing the high temperature vacuum condition whilst shafts rotate at high speeds. Alternatively, gas lubricated seals could be installed at a higher premium but offering a non-contact surface; so maintenance free and without heat generation issues or seal leakage considerations.