Potential for Improvement

Greaves is privileged to work with innovative manufacturers across a wide portfolio of products and sectors and we are proud of our track record in collaborating to deliver significant process improvements.

Our customers range across established sectors such as adhesives, food, paints & pigments, beverages, cosmetics etc . and increasingly into new technology sectors including aerospace composites, optical cables, digital inks and defence products.

Regardless of sector, a regular benefit of our involvement is the number and scope of opportunities to improve efficiency, most commonly through reducing process times, while ensuring consistently high product quality.

The benefit of experience

Some opportunities arise through issues we see time and time again…

  • New product produced on unsuitable existing equipment
  • Assuming (incorrectly) that a more powerful/larger version of an existing machine is “the answer” to upscaling batch size
  • High energy input with poor product flow – often associated with viscous mixes
  • Poor procedure for addition of materials
  • Excess reliance on operator input/control
  • Incorrect mixing head
  • Insufficient or incorrect process conditioning (e.g. pressure/vacuum)
  • The list goes on…..

How does the Greaves approach deliver real benefit?

We take a holistic approach to each individual http://greaves.co.uk/wp-admin/post.php?post=5407&action=editapplication and we work collaboratively with each customer to establish:

  1. Current objectives and challenges
  2. How they “got here”
  3. Where they want to go in future

By thoroughly understanding a customer’s needs and objectives and combining this knowledge with our own unrivalled experience of product mixing processes and technologies, we create a powerful combination capable of delivering the best and most appropriate solution.