Alongside many well-known retail brands, the UK pharmaceutical industry has a terrific network of contract manufacturers. As providers of additional capacity to brands and producers of generic medications for private labels, these companies need to be flexible and compliant with standards that include cGMP, FDA, ATEX, PUWER and CE

To meet customer requirements their manufacturing set-up needs to deliver :-

  • Maximum flexibility with rapid switching between products and contracts
  • Zero contamination between batches
  • Efficient and consistent distribution of actives
  • Guaranteed hygiene
  • Precise recipes for validated processes and complete traceability

Greaves recently delivered this flagship PharmaFlex 500 mixing machine for use by one of the UK’s leading pharmaceutical contract manufacturers.

Key Features:

  • HMI Touchscreen with PLC and weighing system – consistent loading, mixing and cleaning
  • Stainless Steel electro-hydraulic lift – easy access to mixing tools and hygiene testing
  • FDA grade materials
      Mixing Vessel

      • Internally rated to Full Vacuum & positive pressure.
      • Heating & cooling jacket to vessel walls.
    High Shear Mixer

    • Bottom entry type for easy wetting out of challenging powders and ability to emulsify to finite particle sizes.
    • Hygienic mechanical seal designed for high-speed operation.
  • Anchor scraper agitator – Ensures heat transfer at the vessel walls and assists main mixing envelope
  • Mass flow incorporator – Offers positive axial flow of material towards high shear mixer
  • Contact parts 316L stainless steel, fully polished contact parts to 0.5Ra
  • Clean In Place – CIP sprayballs for use with pressurised caustic
  • Comprehensive documentation package.

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