• PharmaFlex Pharmaceutical mixing – compliant, repeatable and flexible

    Alongside many well-known retail brands, the UK pharmaceutical industry has a terrific network of contract manufacturers. As providers of additional capacity to brands and producers of generic medications for [...]

  • Flexibatch – Spring into colour

    The arrival of spring is a reminder that we have embraced more vibrant colours throughout our gardens in recent years. With the change in weather patterns, we are spending [...]

  • Garlic powder – It just won’t mix!

    A comment our team often hear when meeting new customers who struggle with “difficult to mix” powders! Garlic powder is a common example of these “difficult to mix” powders. [...]

  • Private….Matters

    A tightening economy sees increased focus on private-label production, driving the demand for quality, cost-efficiency and sustainability But is this change all about price? Not according to Circana, a [...]

  • A-Chem wins in Derby

    Since its foundation in 1965, Derby-based A-Chem has become well known for providing liquid solutions to a wide range of industries. Throughout that time, Greaves has been proud to [...]

  • High-Performance Mixing Systems in Pharma & Food

    In this article, we looked at the growing demands for mixing performance from 21st Century manufacturers Here we focus on three recent examples of applications where Greaves has developed [...]

  • Fast, Fresh, Flexible…

    The world of food production is ever changing. A significant trend over recent years has been the massive growth in prepared and pre-processed food and ingredients. People simply don’t [...]

  • Food Matters……to us

    When you deal with Greaves, you deal with a team committed to more than just effective mixing. We have experience across a wide range of sectors including Food, Pharmaceuticals [...]

  • Invest Wisely!

    Investment in new production equipment is almost always an expensive business. A poor investment decision can have irretrievable and costly consequences. It is critical that everything is weighed up [...]

  • Greaves Solution – Borregard sees capacity Up 660%

    Borregaard are an innovative additive producer servicing a wide range manufacturing industries including Construction, Agriculture, Animal Feed, Oil & Gas, Food and Pharmaceutical. Borregaard is the leading UK manufacturer and [...]

  • Food of the Future

    With growing confidence, UK food producers are increasingly willing to invest in new, more efficient process equipment. This confidence is driven by a number of factors including: IMAGE Consumer [...]

  • 100 years and still improving – The Move to High Performance Mixing

    2019 is our centenary year. Over the past 100 years, Greaves has built an enviable reputation for our knowledge and expertise in mixing processes and systems. While the technologies have [...]