Mobile Vessels
Mobile Vessels 2
Flexible batch mixing
Mobile Vessels 4

Fast and flexible systems for batch mixing

Mobile vessels offer an innovative way to increase flexibility and efficiency of both new and existing process plants. Used in conjunction with an elevating mixing station vessel shape, size and function can be designed to work with existing machinery. Additional vessels can be used to  improve process flow by maintaining a constant supply of product at each process.

Mobile vessels systems can be supplied for processes requiring vacuum, elevated pressure and heating/cooling.

Mobile vessel options:

  • Forklift truck & pallet truck brackets
  • Castor wheel arrangements, with FLT brackets
  • Cooling jackets
  • Steam, oil or electric heating jackets
  • Complete range of bases / discharge designs
  • 10-2500 litre mobile variants
  • Vacuum/pressure rated to 10 BarG
  • Range of finishes to 0.1 mμ Ra
  • Pan-change mixers

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