Mixing trends – Fast, Flexible, Repeatable

Mixing trends – Fast, Flexible, Repeatable

High shear mixers can reduce process time by 80%


We work with an enormously diverse range of customers, from foodstuffs to pharmaceuticals, base chemicals to cosmetics. The market exposure gives us real insight into mixing trends and how the market is moving.

If we wanted to sum up this movement in one word, that word is REPEATABILITY.

At the heart of this is repeatability regardless of batch size.

Heated, mobile mixers allow flexible, rapid processing to meet customer demand

Greaves’ Top 10:

Here are our Top 10 reasons why end users are demanding more from our mixer customers:

  1. Need to produce low volume, high value products for niche markets
  2. Demand for repeatable high quality across a wide range of production batch sizes
  3. Produce the volumes customers require and remove the barrier of minimum order quantities
  4. Lean manufacturing to minimise inventory and waste
  5. Launching new products with low commercial risk i.e. stock risks, seasonal variations
  6. Elastic volume capability of say 60L to 10L (i.e. 6:1 turndown ratio. Historically this was only 3:1)
  7. Reduced cycle times to keep costs down (typically less than 5 minutes vs historic 20 minutes+)
  8. Ability to mix hundreds of product types with quick clean down & change-over
  9. Rapid, accurate repetition of product formulations
  10. Batch traceability across more, smaller batches

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