Explosion risk assessment and the implementation of suitable equipment and machinery

As product performance requirements become more demanding in all market sectors, we see the introduction of many new products which can only be produced in conditions which are deemed hazardous and covered by the ATEX regulations.

Greaves are experts in the field of intrinsically safe process mixers and the associated equipment. All categories of ATEX, flameproof motors, ATEX drives, seals and insurance backed inspection and the mandatory documentation to support the pioneering expertise we provide.

Our experts work with clients to understand the product and process parameters and design safe solutions which take away the bewilderment which many experience when faced with Flash point and Auto ignition temperatures and a minefield of Zone and Regulation classifications. We assist clients at all knowledge levels and provide substantial guidance not only in mixers but the location and types of control panels available, if required.

  • ATEX Zone 0 and Zone 20
  • DSEAR consultants available
  • Nitrogen Purging
  • Safe area Assistance
  • Electric Drives to all ATEX considerations
  • Hazardous, explosive material processing
  • Safety Interlock controls and interlocks
  • Thermosyphon cooled seal arrangements with seal monitoring
  • ATEX Zone 0 and Zone 20 High shear viscous product processing
  • Vacuum and pressure induced machines
  • Temperature controls
  • Heated and cooled mixing machines
  • Documentation and certification
  • Gas and dust considerations
  • Extraction connections
  • Global regulations fulfilled
  • Existing machine upgrades to ATEX
  • Instrinsically safe mixers
  • ATEX  control panels and barriers

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