– The art of maintenance

True leaders in the manufacturing sector always recognise the wisdom and benefit of a proactive approach to maintenance – compared with the cost and even injuries that may be the consequence of a more haphazard, reactive approach.

Manufacturing leaders understand it is essential machinery is correctly maintained to avoid failure and the resulting costs. Scrapped batches due to interrupted process, incorrect temperature/pressure, contamination, machinery downtime etc. all impact on efficient production – and profit!

Other common issues include vibration leading to loose components or early drive train failure and shaft seal failure.

– Guaranteed compliance and reliability

Greaves’ MixCare™ can assist and support customers who wish to adopt a proactive approach to safety and continuous reliability and minimising any lost time in lengthy and costly machine failures, particularly those caused by reactive maintenance.

Our MixCare™ service delivers high levels of reliability and performance consistency to your process systems while guaranteeing compliance with relevant regulations from HSE and other bodies.

– Routine care minimises the risks and cost of failure

  • Each Greaves installation receives a 12 point service by a qualified engineer
  • Replacement parts are fitted if required
  • Current process conditions are audited and checked as “fit for purpose”
  • Safety records are audited
  • Stock level of spares is reviewed
  • Inspection certificate is issued with a summary of recommendations

– Certifies your equipment is safe and running efficiently

  • Confidence that equipment is operating safely and efficiently
  • Confidence that equipment complies with current regulations
  • Reduced risk of downtime due to breakdown
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements
  • DESEAR assessment contacts
  • HSE compliance reports
  • RSA & Lloyds Notified Bodies