Millions of homes cleaned-up by just 2 machines

….And good old elbow grease! These 10,000L Mixers were delivered for a well-reputed domestic and industrial cleaning products manufacturer. Used to mix polishes and renovators these machines are capable of producing in excess of 25 Million litres of product each year – keeping many homes clean and owners active in the future.

The mixing vessel is ‘jacketed’ allowing hot oil or steam to circulate the vessel walls and guided by a spiral baffle to ensure even top to bottom heating. In addition to the pressurised heating on the vessel walls, the internals of the mixer can run under full vacuum conditions- used to de-aerate processes and deliver stable end-products. The mixers compromise of a low speed, high torque anchor scraper and the mixing is provided 2 axial turbines and 1 radial turbine running at higher speeds. In combination and with variable speed these mixing tools allow processing of product of moderate to high viscosity. The inlets on the vessel tops’ ensure bulk materials are added safely, quickly and accurately – these loads are also monitored via loadcells and PLC control.