Laboratory mixers
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Laboratory mixers

What makes laboratory mixers so important?

A major problem in manufacturing is inconsistent results when upscaling from laboratory samples to bulk production volumes a problem that is easily solved by introducing a Laboratory Mixer.

Greaves laboratory mixers are designed to reliably upscale laboratory formulations to production volumes. Our laboratory mixers allow accurate research and development to be implemented before committing to production scale manufacture.

All lab machines are engineered to the same high-quality standard as their “big brother” production counterparts. Laboratory systems can be supplied with heating and vacuum/pressure facilities and all impeller and mixer types employed in full-scale solutions.

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Laboratory mixer features and options:

  • Upscaleable design to bulk production line
  • 0.18 to 4 kW variable speed drive
  • 1 to 75 L mixer options
  • 240 v single phase or 3 phase options or air driven
  • ATEX Zone 0 and Zone 2
  • HMI touch screen options
  • Electric lifts
  • IP66 speed control inverters
  • High-Speed Disperser & High Shear GM
  • Optional built-in 1250 watt heating plate with thermostatic control and a temperature range of 50-3200C
  • High torque geared units available
  • Vacuum/pressure facilities
  • Bespoke units to clients requirements

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