Return on Investment – The proof is in the pilot

Investment in new equipment brings an opportunity to rethink established ways of working. Involving Greaves consultants can bring tangible benefits. With our external perspective, we will often ask unexpected questions.  These help us to understand your wider business objectives. This approach can also pinpoint new opportunities for efficiency gains and savings all contributing to enhanced ROI.

People working together

Our customers invariably know their products, processes and markets better than anyone. They have often set out their goals and objectives at the outset of a project. However, different individuals may not be fully aware of the potential opportunities from the latest mixing technologies.

This is where Greaves engineers can contribute with their up-to-the-minute knowledge and application insight. Consequently, we know what works elsewhere and what doesn’t. By getting this teamwork right we aim to identify additional opportunities for even greater gains – resulting in increased ROI on our customers’ investment

“Having worked in the industry for many years, I still find every customer project brings fresh challenges and opportunities to come up with creative engineering solutions. The most satisfying aspect of my work is helping a customer find an effective way to run their production more efficiently – and prove it through a trial.”  Tim Neville, Technical Sales Manager

Once we have worked with a customer to specify a new project, the next step is to test. By trialling the proposed specification we can demonstrate the real-world performance that our customer can achieve from their new mixer.

Phase 1 Trials: Laboratory & Pilot Batch

Small-scale Laboratory Trials

Once the project team has agreed on the preferred solutions based on the customers’ objectives and the Greaves expertise, the next step is to bring together the products for mixing with the proposed mixing technology. As a first step, we can test the recommended solution in the Greaves MixLab. Customers are welcome to attend these tests if they wish. Once the processes are proven in principle, we can then scale up to pilot batch volumes. In most cases, these tests are ample to satisfy our client that our proposed solution will deliver the results they need.

Phase 2 Trials: Large batch/ Full-scale trials

Full-scale batch trials

In some cases, particularly where a major investment is involved, and even where the solution has been proved at pilot scale customers may need further validation in an extended trial on their own site.

To facilitate these situations, Greaves can offer high volume trial mixing systems.

Our aim is to deliver real-world effective mixing solutions that deliver significant and sustained benefit and value to our customers.