Investment in new production equipment is almost always an expensive business. A poor investment decision can have irretrievable and costly consequences. It is critical that everything is weighed up with reference to the commercial objectives of the investment plan.

At Greaves, we recognise that our customers don’t buy mixers and vessels from us, they buy solutions to make their business better. Investing in the best kit available is a mistake if it doesn’t deliver the outcomes you are looking for.

In our experience, a successful project depends on a holistic and structured approach with 3 key steps….

1. Review of the current process

  • How far short does if fall against ideal specification (batch size, cycle time…..)
  • Is it restricted by upstream/downstream/environmental factors
  • Operator role: loading/unloading/cleaning, manual intervention, safety etc.
  • Product consistency, hygiene, traceability etc.
  • Losses and wastage


2. Consider future market requirements

  • New product developments
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced inventory
  • Shorter lead-times


3. Explore available options

  • Continuous bulk versus flexible batch systems
  • Operator protection, safety legislation & ATEX
  • Automation & process control (product consistency, traceability, cycle time, safety)
  • Batch size flexibility (turndown ratio)
  • Additional product capability

Greaves Deliver

We are proud of our track record, working with our customers to help them improve their manufacturing processes.

Our see role as a team effort. We work with relevant people across your business. We regularly find ourselves discussing options with marketing and R&D as well as production and purchasing. It is by considering the needs of the business as a whole that we can help to develop the best solution to meet your objectives.