Integrated mixing systems
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Technical solutions for challenging processes
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Integrated Mixing Systems engineered to meet your needs

Greaves’ engineers are experts in the design, manufacture and commissioning of Integrated Mixing Systems.

Whether your company specialises in pharmaceuticals, premium foods, speciality chemicals or beauty products – you face similar challenges and opportunities:-

  • Product performance and quality
  • Validation and certification
  • Maximum yield
  • Flexible production allowing the manufacture of new products without additional investment

Whatever your requirements, Greaves has the knowledge and expertise to deliver the ideal mixing solution.

CosMix Quad CIP Anchor Scraper Helical HSD Mass Flow Turbine

Key design requirements:

  • 100% conformance to product specification
  • Consistent high productivity
  • Batch traceability
  • Hygiene & biosecurity
  • Operator & product safety
  • Automation for minimal operator input
  • Integration with other processes

Common challenges:

  • Abrasive & corrosive materials
  • High viscosity
  • Harmful / flammable fluids & powders
  • Low shelf life / unstable components
  • Product specification & consistency
  • Critical heating / cooling / pressure cycles
  • Cleaning / contamination

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