IBC Fluid Mixers & Drum Agitators

Why choose a
Greaves IBC Mixer?

Why mix in IBC’s and drums?

In recent years extensive use of IBC tanks and 45 gallon drums has become a distribution standard. This trend has opened up further efficiency benefits to manufacturers who choose to mix finished product or intermediaries in the same vessels.

Greaves range of IBC Industrial Fluid Mixers and Agitators are designed and manufactured for use with transportable plastic
IBC containers, stainless steel IBC’s and 45 gallon drums.
A comprehensive range of variants are available for high viscosity mixtures, flammable materials and corrosive substances.

Various models, powers, drive combinations, speeds, impeller diameters and types are available to match product requirements.

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Electric Drive IBC Mixers

Air Drive IBC Mixers

Features and Options

  • Unique EasyClean folding impeller
  • Forklift truck brackets as standard
  • Unique clamp securing system as standard
  • Fixed speed and variable speed drive options
  • 110v or 240v, single phase or 3 phase
  • Optional Air drive
  • Optional feed hopper for Powder/liquid addition
  • Lifting stands available (i.e. IBC mixing stations)
  • Can be configured to drain down whilst mixing
  • ATEX variants available


IBC containers are fully portable and reusable over many cycles. By mixing directly in the vessel that will be delivered to the customer there are major savings in time, cost and waste. No cleaning required. Easy to up-scale production to meet demand. Easy to transport as this format is universally accepted across all manufacturing industries and carriers.

These mixers are all fitted with a folding impeller that is designed to pass through the 6” opening of an IBC container. The mixer is lowered into the IBC tank , typically by an operator using a forklift truck. It is then locked in place with Greaves’ toggle clamp system. Once in operation, centrifugal forces cause the impeller blades to extend outwards and deliver downward thrust creating an axial flow pattern through the centre of the mix. Material is driven to the bottom of the container, out to the sides, up to the surface, then down the centre back to the mixing head.
See here to explain further https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSi6oBPXU_E&t=1s

Greaves IBC mixers are market leaders for their mixing performance, their reliability, flexibility and ease of cleaning.
All Greaves mixers are designed and manufactured in our own UK factory and can often be dispatched within 48 working hours of order. We offer full lifetime technical support should you require this.
Watch here for further information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSi6oBPXU_E&t=1s

Providing you know the finished fluid viscosity of your mix, you can use our online configurator to select the right mixer for your process. Alternatively use the table in our IBC brochure , or give us a call and our team will be pleased to help!
With the optional loading funnel, yes.