High-speed dispersers
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Rapid incorporation of challenging powders
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What are High-Speed Dispersers?

High-Speed Dispersers play an important role in processes where rotor-stator high shear mixers may not provide the most effective solution.

A common example of this is the incorporation of “difficult to wet” powders in liquid bases, that are prone to agglomeration.

The HSD mixer features a serrated tooth impeller. The high peripheral speed of the impeller causes centrifugal displacement of the base fluid, resulting in a powerful vortex. Powder is drawn down into the vortex and subjected to intense shear at the tip of the impeller blade, resulting in rapid dispersion.

Serrated impeller options

Why a Greaves HSD?

  • Rapid dispersion of solids, powders, prills and pigments
  • Consistent, repeatable particle size and distribution
  • Easy clean, hygienic construction
  • Extensive optional blade profiles
  • Low wear, low maintenance
  • Scalable from laboratory to bulk production,
    delivering consistent results regardless of batch size
  • CE compliant safety system
  • ATEX variants to Zone 0 & Zone 20 IIC T4
  • De-aeration options
  • Abrasive and corrosive resistant options
  • High pressure & vacuum shaft sealing options

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