High Shear Mixers
Up to 90% reduction in process time

What is a High Shear Mixer?

In a high shear mixer the combination of high speed and close rotor / stator tolerance creates a high energy zone where liquid / liquid and liquid / powder mixtures are rapidly homogenised.

Mixer head design is matched to process requirements in order to achieve optimum particle size and maximise mixing efficiency, whilst minimising aeration.

High Shear Mixers are commonly used to emulsify oils in water and in the creation of ultra-smooth powder-in-liquid mixes.

Shear Stator Options

Why choose a Greaves High Shear Mixer? Watch our video....

Why a Greaves High Shear Mixer?

  • Scalable from laboratory to bulk, delivering
    consistent results regardless of batch size
  • Sector leading rotor/stator gap tolerances,
    maximising shear rate and minimising batch times
  • Head/baffle/impeller options to optimise flow and shear
  • Class-leading safety features and lifting systems,
    CE Certificate of Conformity
  • ATEX variants to Zone 0 & Zone 20 IIC T4
  • De-aeration capability
  • Abrasive and corrosive resistant options
  • Stator options for particle size down to 3 microns
  • In-line and bottom entry variants
  • High pressure & vacuum shaft sealing options

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