Greaves’ Services

Alongside our wide experience of industrial mixers and mixing, our focus is to work with customers to help them achieve true efficiency in their individual mixing requirements. Whether this is batch process speed, mixing flexibility, scalability or a balance to achieve the best of all worlds, Greaves delivers.

Trial & Hire Mixers

Live mixing performance demonstrations and rentals** are available from 1 litre to 2000 litres. These can be conducted at the Greaves proving facility in Lancashire or at the clients’ site. All process trials are designed to facilitate up-scaling or down-scaling to commercial batch size.

We can offer trial and hire on:

– Rotor Stator GM High Shear Mixers
– HSD High Shear dispersers
– 100 litre triple action, heated/cooled, pressure trial unit
– Laboratory mixers and homogenisers
– Lifts and Stands
– IBC Mixers
– Propeller units

The Greaves test facility encompasses thermal, vacuum, pressure and ATEX mixing processes.

**Terms & Conditions apply

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Innovation and Partnership

Greaves offer extensive research and development facilities both in house and at partner Universities, with documentation and video facilities. New products and processes often require scaling-up and down prior to full production and certainly with the array of process machines Greaves offer trials confirm the process required.

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Parts & Maintenance

Greaves offer dedicated solutions to the global process industry by documenting all mixer detail for 40 years so you can be guaranteed the correct maintenance and parts solutions are always just a call or an e-mail away.

  • Detailed drawings stored for up to 40 years
  • Easy part identification
  • Alternative part replacements
  • Flanges
  • Seals
  • Motors & Gearboxes
  • Re-conditioning existing parts
  • Impellers
  • Contact part coatings for corrosive products
  • Thousands of parts in stock
  • Routine Service inspections and repairs

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MixCare - the Art of Maintenance

– The art of maintenance
True leaders in the manufacturing sector always recognise the wisdom and benefit of a proactive approach to maintenance – compared with the cost and even injuries that may be the consequence of a more haphazard, reactive approach.

Manufacturing leaders understand it is essential machinery is correctly maintained to avoid failure and the resulting costs. Scrapped batches due to interrupted process, incorrect temperature/pressure, contamination, machinery downtime etc. all impact on efficient production – and profit!

Other common issues include vibration leading to loose components or early drive train failure and shaft seal failure.

– Guaranteed compliance and reliability
Greaves’ MixCare™ can assist and support customers who wish to adopt a proactive approach to safety and continuous reliability and minimising any lost time in lengthy and costly machine failures, particularly those caused by reactive maintenance.

Our MixCare™ service delivers high levels of reliability and performance consistency to your process systems while guaranteeing compliance with relevant regulations from HSE and other bodies.

– Routine care minimises the risks and cost of failure

  • Each Greaves installation receives a 12 point service by a qualified engineer
  • Replacement parts are fitted if required
  • Current process conditions are audited and checked as “fit for purpose”
  • Safety records are audited
  • Stock level of spares is reviewed
  • Inspection certificate is issued with a summary of recommendations

– Certifies your equipment is safe and running efficiently

  • Confidence that equipment is operating safely and efficiently
  • Confidence that equipment complies with current regulations
  • Reduced risk of downtime due to breakdown
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements
  • DESEAR assessment contacts
  • HSE compliance reports
  • RSA & Lloyds Notified Bodies

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Greaves manufacture process machines dedicated to given duties and applications with reasonable scope within these parameters. However, products and expectations of machines of over time change due to market demands and product improvements. Greaves offer solutions by either upgrading the current mixer or part-exchanging this unit for a new dedicated machine. Simply contact us and will provide the best solution for you.

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Mixing Advice

Whatever you need to mix, we can help…

  • Powder to liquid
  • Flammable liquids
  • Highly viscous material
  • Unusual mixing vessel or tank
  • In an IBC vessel
  • Hygienically
  • At certain temperatures
  • Scale-up
  • Scale-down
  • Vacuum & Pressure reactions

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Projects & Expertise

With our experience of industrial mixers stretching back to 1922 and over 37,000 mixers sold Worldwide, we have completed thousands of projects. This expertise is now available to you.

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