Integrated Mixing Systems

Whether your company specialises in pharmaceuticals, premium foods, speciality chemicals or beauty serums, as a competitive manufacturer you will face similar challenges and opportunities:-

  • Competitive production costs
  • Guaranteed quality and purity
  • Consistency and traceability
  • Flexible production allowing the manufacture of new products without additional investment

As you and your team constantly refine your expertise in developing products for your target markets, Greaves engineers focus on providing the process capability that will underpin your business strategy.

An increasing proportion of manufacturers in all sectors turn to Greaves to provide integrated processing systems that meet their specific manufacturing needs.

Key design considerations:

  • 100% conformance to product specification
  • Consistent High Productivity
  • Batch traceability
  • Hygiene & Biosecurity
  • Operator & Product Safety
  • Automation for Minimal Operator input
  • Integration with other processes

Common challenges:

  • Abrasive & Corrosive materials
  • High Viscosity
  • Harmful / Flammable fluids & powders
  • Short Shelf Life/ Unstable components
  • Product Specification, Consistency and stability
  • Critical Heating / Cooling / Pressure Cycles
  • Cleaning / contamination


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