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Christmas can be a tough time for many people, especially the increasing numbers who find themselves living on the streets. The family and team at Joshua Greaves are only too aware of these problems. We like to take the opportunity to make a practical contribution – particularly at this time of year.

We have been involved in a range of initiatives over the years. This year, our contribution was a real ‘Greaves family affair‘.

Members of the Greaves family have witnessed the growth in numbers of street dwellers in Manchester. We contacted Help the Homeless in the city to see what practical support we might be able to provide. The charity put us in touch with the dedicated team who go out into Manchester during the evening on these cold nights delivering hot food to anyone who wants it. This seemed like a great opportunity and we decided to not only give time to help distribute the food but also to make a big batch of our favourite homemade chicken curry.

Seven pans of curry and two industrial pans of rice – ready to help the street…

Curry Creation

Over two days we bought all the ingredients and then started on the mammoth task of peeling, chopping and preparing 65 Kg of food. It took seven large pots to cook the curry and soon the team was ready to get out and deliver.

We spent  2 hours one evening where we met so many people with so many tales from the comic to the tragic. The sense of community we found was remarkable.  The curry went down a storm and it is good to know that everyone we met enjoyed it.

Although we recognise that the problems of homelessness tend to get highlighted in the winter, and particularly at Christmas, it really is a year-round issue. The people at Help the Homeless in Manchester operate tirelessly across all 12 months with their help and support. If you can offer anything to assist them in their work they would love to hear from you. Please contact them on

Proud to serve people who really need us