A comment our team often hear when meeting new customers who struggle with “difficult to mix” powders!

Garlic powder is a common example of these “difficult to mix” powders. It is very fine, does not wet easily and tends to float on the liquid surface, forming agglomerates that are incredibly difficult to disperse. Using conventional mixers, even with hot water 60 minutes++ mixing time is standard for many food manufacturers.

Greaves approach is different. Using our high speed disperser with cold water, even garlic powder can be fully incorporated in a matter of minutes. This brings many advantages – including faster processing, reduced energy consumption, increased productivity, diverse product development options and (not least!) longer product shelf life.

Our customer uses the mixer below to produce savoury rice mixes. After dispersing the garlic powder in cold water within minutes, the scraper/agitator quickly and gently blends rice and frozen vegetables into the sauce. The completed product is then discharged direct to a depositor for consumer packaging.

The integral clean-in-place system enables rapid hygienic cleaning ready for the next batch.

If you face challenges with “difficult to mix” powders, get in touch and our team will be pleased to help.