Trust the industry experts

At Greaves we understand and embrace the particular challenges of our clients in the food and beverage industries. As consumers grow ever more discerning, product quality and consistency are paramount whilst bio security and fast, efficient processing are non-negotiable. We have over 60 years experience providing complete mixing and processing solutions for the full range of food types and beverages. Our experts work with you to provide the ideal mixing, processing and storage solution for your specific processes, products and markets.

Experience in:

  • Soft drinks
  • Bakery products
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Chocolate, confectionary
  • Dairy, pasteurising and ice cream
  • Ready meals & dips
  • Edible oils/fats
  • Flavour emulsions and enhancers
  • Gums, thickeners and thinning agents
  • Juices & soups
  • Ingredients & seasonings
  • Sauces – dressings, vinegars, ketchups, mayonnaise and chutneys
  • Syrups, sugar, salt and other additives and preservatives
  • Pet foods

Who We Work With