The arrival of spring is a reminder that we have embraced more vibrant colours throughout our gardens in recent years. With the change in weather patterns, we are spending more time outdoors and many see the garden as a colourful extra room for much of the year.
Innovative manufacturers have responded by offering new, low environmental impact water-based wood treatments in a wide range of shades. To produce these new products they need fast, flexible, and easy-to-clean mixing systems.

This Greaves FlexiBatch 1500 “change-pan” mixer is well suited to the task. Equipped with a triple action high shear mixer It can produce batch sizes of 500 to 1500L in less than 30 minutes and has the self-clean capability to prevent batch-to-batch contamination. Use of multiple mobile mixing vessels minimises the time between batches of different products. This enables our customer to respond quickly to in-season sales with made-to-order batches, eliminating the need to hold large stocks of finished product.

Key Features:

  • High Shear Mixer – Easy wetting out of challenging powders and pigments.
  • Anchor scraper agitator – Ensures good flow at the vessel walls.
  • Mass flow incorporator – Offers positive axial flow of material towards high shear mixer.
  • Contact parts 304L stainless steel 2b grade with welds strip polished.
  • Clean In Place – CIP sprayballs for use with pressurised water.
  • Comprehensive documentation package.

If you need to mix multiple products quickly and efficiently with unquestionable consistency, get in touch and our team will be pleased to advise.

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