Entrepreneurs & Connoiseurs……

Have you heard the rumour that UK manufacturing is in decline?

Don’t believe it!

UK consumers have such an insatiable appetite new experiences, quality & variety.

The growth of the internet and social media has amplified this trend. Smart entrepreneurs have responded with a constant flow of new product and service innovations.

Great examples of growth and innovations can be seen on every high street,  just look at the way choices have expanded in every restaurant, pub & wine bar in recent years.

Over the last two decades, the Scotch Whisky producers have done a great job modernising and refreshing heritage brands. At the same time, they have broadened the appeal to attract a younger global network of connoisseurs.

More recently, the introduction of fantastic, natural craft ales produced by hundreds of local micro-breweries has revolutionised the brewing industry.

The last few years have seen the same pattern repeat. The number of new Gins from both established producers and new start-ups has exploded. The hundreds of choices available each come with their own story and personality. Add fruit with preferred tonic and the variety is endless – as we always say…..” the mixers make the difference!”

For Greaves, it is great to be part of this exciting sector.  We thrive on helping beverage manufacturers develop new production methods.