Lean Forward -Mixing solutions that exceed expectations

We see our business as providing effective mixing solutions rather than simply supplying mixers and vessels. Clients frequently ask to meet with Greaves’ Process Consultants to tap into our extensive experience and knowledge to help them solve specific issues including:

  • Increased capacity
  • Process flexibility
  • Reducing cycle times
  • Output validationproc2

All of these tend to be driven by customer specification and the drive for ever-increased efficiency in competitive markets.

Our initial recommendation is normally a full process review.

Investment in new processing equipment can often open up potential to increase capability, flexibility and efficiency. To make the most of this opportunity it is important to establish a comprehensive understanding of both current and future needs.

While it may seem obvious to extend capacity by duplicating current equipment, our experience and knowledge can often identify a better solution bringing additional benefits. These can lead to a faster return on investment through shorter cycle times and greater flexibility.

Our Consultants challenge an existing process by :

  • Analysing the most effective way to mix products
  • Considering other options available to save time and improve consistency
  • Looking at ways to reduce operator input
  • Exploring mixer configurations offering greater viscosity and volume flexibility
  • Improving process efficiencies with heat, cooling and/or vacuum or pressure)
  • Always ensuring compliance with safety legislation, ATEX and CE marking
Greaves look at end to end process optimisation

Throughout every process review, we aim to help customers make strategically sound investment decisions that support future operational needs. This can include the use of hire equipment to test a proposed solution prior to committing to permanent investment.

Customers can hire Greaves mixers to test the performance and process benefits in several ways:

  • Free of charge 14 day trial
  • Extended hire periods (minimum 1 month)
  • Leasing or Hire purchase

Our hire equipment is naturally of the highest performance standard you expect from us and includes:

  • High Shear – top entry & in-line
  • High Speed Dispersers
  • Laboratory – high shear & HSD types
  • IBC mixers
  • 45 Gallon drum blenders & dispersers

If you would like to talk to us about improving processes to exceed your expectations – get in touch