Covid -19 Update – Collaboration helps global leader rapidly build production of sterile wipes

We are in a rapidly changing world. Consequently, little did we realise how much business would be turned upside-down in only 3 months. There is a long-established saying that change delivers innovation. The Greaves’ team is proud of our ability to adapt to meet customer needs. Inevitably, collaboration is a key element of this process.

Sterile wipes…in a hurry

Based in the East Midlands, PAL International is a global leader in the manufacture of infection control and hygiene products. Their products are widely used by the NHS and in healthcare settings around the world – expanding to 46 countries in 2019.

Covid -19 has led to a significant rise in demand for PAL’s Medipal disinfectant wipes. By mid-April, it became clear that PAL needed to expand production capacity so they contacted Greaves with an urgent request to supply 3 x 5000 litre bespoke mixing units.

Typically, it can take several weeks to finalise technical specs and place orders for this type of project. It can then be up to a further 12 weeks for procurement of materials, manufacture, 

assembly and testing. In the current situation, a lead time of 4 months+ would not work. The project needed a special approach.

Greaves, PAL and our suppliers collaborated as a team, reorganising production schedules and extending working hours. As a result, the entire process has been reduced to less than 6 weeks. All vessels and mixers are now in production and Greaves will deliver the first two units at the end of May.

While the Covid-19 pandemic is presenting significant challenges for many businesses and people, this is a clear example of adversity driving positive innovation that can deliver benefit into the future.

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